Protect your inbox from recruiter spam.

Alcamine is a special inbox that scores job opportunities based on your preferences, location, and keywords — all while keeping your information private.

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Find your next job, gig, or career

Every account gets a special email address to place on your resume, LinkedIn, job boards, or whereever you may get contacted about jobs. We filter and score every email that comes into your inbox based on what you're looking for and send you the best opportunities in a weekly email.

Don't want to share your resume everywhere? No problem, by signing up we'll send you opportunities with our partners that align to everything you're looking for. We call these hot ones 🔥!


Keep your personal information personal

Every account is given an email address to use on your resume, job boards, and other places you’re contacted with opportunities.


Know who you’re talking to

We pull in data about the company with the opportunity so you know who you’re talking to and if you’re interested.


Target the job you want

Put in what you’re looking for and have every job that comes your way scored.


Access to special opportunities

If we know of an upcoming opportunity we think you'd be a great fit for we'll send it to your inbox!

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Get notified on a match

Every week, we send out a digest of the jobs you’ve been sent for you to review. You can also view the dashboard at any time.


Smarter all the time

Our scoring engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to get smarter with every job we see.

How it Works


Create your Alcamine email address

Annual Salary...That are...Keywords

Put in your preferences


Make your resume shine and add your Alcamine email


Post your resume on job boards


Get notified weekly via email or check your dashboard

Take it Offline

Find a job you like? Highfive! Reply with a smart response or type a custom message.


But keep coming back to check out other possible jobs. You may have struck gold for now, but you never know what other treasures you might uncover.


Alcamine is 100% free to use. We may add premium features in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you read my emails?

Yes, we parse and read all incoming emails to your email address. That allows us to rate it against your preferences, score it, and pull in relevant information for you when viewing it. Once you find an opportunity you’d like to learn more about you can “Reply Now” and continue the conversation from your personal email. We are here to help you find a great job and maintain your privacy, not exploit it.

Can I use this to find freelance work?

Definitely! We recommend always having your resume posted on job boards because you never know what opportunities will be sent to you. A lot of them spam, but that's what we're here for!

From our experience, what you find from job boards is much higher quality work than freelance marketplaces like UpWork.

So I put this email on my resume?

Yes! Use your email address on your resume, job boards, LinkedIn, and any other place you'll be contacted by recruiters. We show you every email sent to the address so if an important email that's not a job comes you'll be able to see it and respond from your personal email address.

Can I change my email?

No, once you create an account that email stays with you for forever. That ensures that your opportunties only come to you, and you can keep the email address on your resume and other places you put it. With that being said, make sure to sign up to the waitlist to get first dibs on Once it's gone, it's gone!

What if I want to cancel my account?

When you cancel your account we forward all emails that come into your email address to the email associated with your account when you sign up. If you decide to reactivate you'll get to keep the email you had before.

Can you look at my resume?

Every week, we'll be shredding someone's resume in the most kind and polite way possible 😇. We want to show you how recruiters and hiring managers view your resume, and give you actionable feedback on what you need to change to land that job. If you'd like your resume to be shredded, email it to with Shred It in the subject line. Please remove your name and personal information before sending it over to us.