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How to Connect Alcamine to Glassdoor

Katie Reilly
September 15th, 2020 · 3 min read

Tired of going from job platform to job platform to see which jobs might be a good fit for you? Feeling overwhelmed with the hundreds of options that appear every day in your inbox? Alcamine can help! Alcamine narrows down your search, keeps your inbox clean of job spam, and only shows you the jobs you want to see in your personal Alcamine inbox. In addition, you will only get one email a week from Alcamine, showing you updates from your inbox on your latest job search.

How does Alcamine do this? By connecting all of your job boards in one place.

Keep in mind, not all job boards are created equal when it comes to the job opportunities you might be looking for. However, we have found Glassdoor to be a great way to learn more about companies. You can research company salaries, number of employees, and read reviews from current and past employees.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to connect Alcamine to Glassdoor, a site widely used to get real life reviews on companies and help give you an idea of salary range.

Once you have logged into your Alcamine account (don’t have one yet, click here to sign up!), find the tab along the top right labeled “Connect Boards.”

The more job boards you connect to, the more opportunities that will come your way!

Job Boards

Scroll down the page to the drop down labeled “Glassdoor.” Here you will find some helpful instructions on how to link your accounts. Already have a Glassdoor account that you use? Great, your next step will be an easy one.

Glassdoor Alcamine

I Already Have a Glassdoor Account

If you already have a Glassdoor account, head on over to Glassdoor and login. We are going to update the email address associated with your Glassdoor account to your Alcamine email address to link the account.

Once you’re in your account, hover over the profile icon in the top right hand corner.

Glassdoor profile

Select “Profile” from the dropdown. Here you will be able to change and update your email address associated with your account. Scroll down to your profile information and click on the pencil icon to edit your information.


A box will appear where you can update your name, contact information, email address, and location. Change your email address to your Alcamine email. Select “Save.” Great, now you are all set to go! Emails from Glassdoor will begin populating in your Alcamine inbox.

Email Address

Don’t have a Glassdoor account yet? Setting one up is quick and simple.

I Need a Glassdoor Account

Head on over to In the center of the screen, you have a few different options to sign up: Facebook, a Gmail account, or manually inputting your email and password. We are going to manually input an email address and password. Input your Alcamine email address and password of your choice, then select “Continue with Email.”

sign up

Next, you will be prompted to create your portfolio. Follow the prompts from Glassdoor, filling in your name and location. Select “Continue.”


Add your most recent work experience, and then select “Continue.”

experince work

Then your educational information. Click “Continue.”


Now add what kind of job you’re looking for and your location of choice before clicking “Continue.”

kind of job

You have the option to input your phone number in order to get the App option set up on your phone. You can take the time to do this by inputting your number and selecting “Text me the link,” or skip it all together by selecting “No thanks.”


You’re all set! Go ahead and select “Finish.” You will be taken to the job searching screen to begin looking for jobs.


After you are all set up, you will want to take a moment to finish setting up your profile to give employers the best and most up to date information. Visit your Profile page. Here you can easily upload a resume (if you have one ready to go) or manually fill out information to each section.


You can also narrow down your search by selecting “Job Preferences” on the left hand side of your profile. Here you will be able to list in greater detail what kind of job you are looking for, which companies you would be interested in, your salary range, and location.

job you want

Including this information will help to narrow down the recommended jobs that are sent to your Alcamine inbox, so we recommend taking a moment to fill out as much profile information as possible.

Once you have completed your profile with as much information as you would like, head back over to Go to the “Connect Board” and notice that Glassdoor is now listed as “Connected.” This means you have successfully linked the two accounts.


Glassdoor will now send you job emails directly to your Alcamine inbox. Check your Alcamine inbox often, and let those jobs come to you!

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